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During discussions about the Sheriff’s Department’s budget deficit at two board meetings, county officials said a department head could face misdemeanor charges for closing the year with a gap. [105], Had La Malinche not been part of the Conquest of Mexico for her linguistic gift, communication between the Spanish and the Indigenous would have been much harder. On some stones, archaeologists have found graffiti and some enigmatic marking. I have been waiting for the same thing. It refers to a historical figure in Mexican culture who was the interpreter and slave of the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés and became a symbol of betrayal for facilitating the conquest of the Aztec empire. Almost as soon as the injured and exhausted survivors arrived on the mainlabd she was called to translate in order to secure a safe harbor in one of the neighboring cities of Tenochtitlan. I’ve been waiting for Hollywood to make a quality blockbuster about the conquest of Mexico for a long time. The Last of the Siberian Unicorns: What Happened to the Mammoth-Sized One-Horned Beasts of Legend? The mighty Empire dominated dozens of vassal states from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Malinche was an Native American woman who aided Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, with whom she had a child. But new dangers lie ahead. My goal is to lend my unique perspective, carved out of my own triumphs and tragedies, fears and fancies encountered during my years of college and international travel, to the other great voices of this blog. Medieval Icelanders were fascinated by genealogy, not only because, as emigrants. [33] Her daughter also added that the altepetl of Olutla was related to Tetiquipaque, although the nature of this relationship is unclear. It was La Malinche’s abilities as a linguist that allowed the meetings and negotiations to be arranged between Cortés and the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. [90][89][91] It is possible that the attack on the Cholulans was in fact a test from the Tlaxcalans for the Spaniards' trustworthiness. [69][f], From then on, Malinche would work together with Aguilar to bridge communication between the Spaniards and the Nahuas;[34][66] Cortés would speak Spanish with Aguilar, who then translated into Yucatec Maya for Malinche, who in turn translated into Nahuatl, before reversing the process.

There is even a word, "malinchismo," which refers to people who prefer foreign things to Mexican ones.

“If anybody should be investigated by the AG, it is you for what you’ve done here,” his letter said. [Online]Available at: http://chapala.com/chapala/ojo2007/defensemalinche.html, Díaz del Castillo, B., The True History of the Conquest of New Spain [Online] [Lockhart, J. I., (trans. [36] Gómara writes that she came from "Uiluta" (presumably a variant of Olutla), although he departs from other sources by writing that it was in the region of Jalisco.

Villanueva fired back: “There’s a lot of crimes that are misdemeanors, a lot of crimes that are felonies. COVID-19 hasn’t quite changed everything: In elections for the L.A. Board of Education, it’s still charter school advocates facing off against the teachers union.

), Lex Steppling, who works with Alé, said the slur is “entrenched in toxic masculinity — ‘Not only did you sell us out, but you gave your body to them too.’” He added of Villanueva: “He really crosses the line when it comes to women of color figures in the county.”. Experts warn of pandemic fatigue and complacency with the approaching holidays, which have the potential to be super-spreading events. The lecture will be presented by Dr. Peter Lacovara, who has been working in Egypt for over 30 years. it really amazed me that such a young girl had such a great influence In some depictions they portrayed her as "larger than life,"[101] sometimes larger than Cortés, in rich clothing, and an alliance is shown between her and the Tlaxcalan instead of them and the Spaniards. Role of La Malinche in the conquest of Mexico, The vocative form is used when addressing someone, so "Malintzine" and "Malintze" are more or less equivalent to "O Marina". We cannot let him take us there.”, Ivette Alé, senior policy lead at Dignity and Power Now, who identifies as Latinx, said Villanueva’s use of the term La Malinche — about whom Alé wrote her graduate thesis, she said — toward the sole Latina on the board was “incredibly offensive.”, “It’s also surprising that he, as a Latino sheriff who is currently in charge of a jail that’s over 50% Latino, would use that language,” Alé said, adding that Villanueva has resisted accountability in the Guardado case by withholding video and reports from county watchdogs and the public. Thank you.

Tonight the Spanish forces of Hernan Cortes, who have been besieged in one of the palaces of Monteczuma for weeks since a bloody massacre on the sacred patio turned their reluctant hosts against them once an for all, will attempt to escape the city under the cover of darkness and rain. (281) 242-3055. Villanueva did not answer questions about what he meant by his remark, directing queries to the department’s Information Bureau. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. It could be argued, however, that the Conquest of Mexico is her story. Over the past two centuries, Europe has become increasingly secular. She was one of the few survivors. La Malinche - Translator and Companion to Cortes. But she said the context of Villanueva’s remarks perpetuates the notion that one woman — who was oppressed and enslaved — was responsible for a colonization that caused so much trauma for so many Indigenous people. For others, however, La Malinche is perceived as a heroic individual, and they believe that her negative reputation is unfounded. Our society doesn’t want to romanticize him, but it’s so tempting to considering the Epic adventure he and his men were embroiled in. Trust me, it’s better when it’s a game. [7][21] Moreover, there would be little reason for the Spaniards to ask the natives what their personal names were before christening them with similar-sounding Spanish names.

Although the shortened form “Malintze” is unusual, it appears repeatedly in the.

Malinche's story can be interpreted in different ways. La Malinche, who took part in the Spanish conquest and gave birth to one of Cortes's children, has become a symbol of a nation that is still not entirely comfortable with either its … [101], In the Lienzo de Tlaxcala (History of Tlaxcala), for example, not only is Cortés rarely portrayed without Marina poised by his side, but she is shown at times on her own, seemingly directing events as an independent authority. Malinche is known by many names. She was born in the town of Painala, where her father was chieftain.

The incident occurred as they grapple with a pandemic-induced economic slowdown that has triggered cuts to the Sheriff’s Department and other county offices, as well as the aftermath of the deputy killing of 18-year-old Andres Guardado, which has drawn national attention as leaders across the country are rethinking the role of police in communities. No way,” Brenes said. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week.

[85][68] Somehow, the Spaniards learned of this plot, and, in a preemptive strike, assembled and massacred the Cholulans. Some observers question the fairness of calling Malinche a traitor and passing judgment on her relationship with Cortés and the Spanish conquest of Mexico, pointing out that being sold as a slave into that relationship was clearly not a personal decision.

Source: Wikimedia Commons. The way we understand Malinche has changed as contemporary notions of national identity have shifted. She spent her early life growing up in the Nahuatl-speaking borderlands of the Aztec and Mayan empires. He went on to say that Solis had accepted $13.7 million in “blood money” from the federal government to sell out immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. He spent most of his early life at court in Spain. But when she was young her father died and her mother married another nobleman. Some time later (it is uncertain when precisely) she died. Cortes could thus communicate with Aztec emissaries through both interpreters: he would speak Spanish to Aguilar, who would translate in Mayan to Malinche, who would then repeat the message in Nahuatl. Available at: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/32474/32474-h/32474-h.htm, Fitch, N., 2016. [15], Probably between the age of 8 and 12,[43] Malinche was either sold or kidnapped into slavery. But of course that had failed an now they were in a particularly awkward predicament. Your email address will not be published. Later Tlaxcalan records of this meeting feature scenes where Malinche appears prominent, bridging the communication between the two sides as the Tlaxcalans presented the Spaniards with gifts of food and noblewomen to cement the alliance. [66][67] Díaz later said that the Nahuas also addressed Cortés as "Malinche";[68][53] they apparently took her as a point of reference for the group. A spokesman responded later, referencing a different supervisor.

Very good article, Mr. Wells. [88][89] It has been suggested that the Tlaxcalans were the real mastermind behind the massacre. Solis, a child of immigrants from Nicaragua and Mexico, called Villanueva’s reference “highly unprofessional, inappropriate, racist and sexist.”, “It doesn’t just malign me, but women everywhere,” Solis said in a statement to The Times.

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