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You might get cramps. How are you? Larry Wilson: [on the rooftop of Larry's father's apartment] You think it's safe to go in the water? GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. [Richard's in the water behind the boat and Larry is returning.] Tweet +1. Continuity mistake: When Richard and Gwen are kissing on the beach, a big wave pushes Bernie alongside them and you can see them getting wet from the wave but in the very next scene of them walking back to the house, they are dry. Oh, we're going to hell.”, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. Richard Parker: For Christ's sake, Larry! Listen. He was going to lead you to the money. “- Larry Wilson: Claudia! Then again Coney Island is always real nice. Best mistakes Best pictures New this month Best comedy quotes Most mistakes Questions Movie quote quiz IMDb top 250 Best of 2020 Weekend at Bernie's ( 1989 ) 1 trivia entry Charles: Oh, yes, but Bu, I know. Mobu: [scolds Henry and Charles] You've lost them. Cartel Man #1: [the cartel mobsters come towards Richard and Larry] Give me the map. Stop the boat! [the Mobu takes a cup and scoops out a concoction. We're sorry. Larry Wilson: [Paulie enters the beach house and shoots Bernie] Company... Richard Parker: I didn't see anything. Richard Parker: We left him in the Jeep, dead. Add more and vote on your favourites! Larry Wilson: In a hypethetical sense, right? Richard Parker: There's too many people around. Richard Parker: [hesitant] I'd love to. Larry Wilson: We could call the cops, Richard, but you know where we'd be spending our weekend. Share. Richard Parker: [yells] Gimme those papers! Larry Wilson: [handing Gwen a drink] Come on, honey, sit down, take a load off, have a drink, you'll be fine! Bernie's two story house was built specifically for this movie at a state park in North Carolina, but was torn down right after filming, as per the agreement before filming. I'm usually forty-five minutes late. Richard Parker: I won. A buxomy blonde enters from the patio wearing a thong bikini and sunglasses, Watching Charles and Henry stealing Bernie, Larry pulls Richard from the sea water and helps lay him on the sand, Richard awakens and spits water in Larry's face, Larry moves Bernie's head as if Bernie was whispering to Richard; hums again, Larry forges Bernie's signature on the card. "Richard Parker and I stole this money from the company to pay for my sex-change operation.". Richard Parker: It was the clumsy approach. Richard Parker: Let me rephrase that! Larry Wilson: Hello. She's gotta help Richie and remove the curse! Everybody parties from house to house, but they always end up here sooner or later. Then walks to Richard]. Do we look like the kind of people who could kill someone? Charles you're starting to frighten me. This sucks. Larry Wilson: No, Harris! Larry Wilson: [as Richard and Larry are trying to get away in Bernie's boat, Bernie's body falls into the water] Man overboard! Larry Wilson: Oh yeah. Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: I hate... Bernie's friends! MovieQuotes.com © 1998-2020 | All rights reserved, More Movies with genre: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy. Go right ahead, sure. The following lines from Weekend at Bernie's are apparently the real deal. Larry Wilson Quotes in Weekend at Bernie's (1989) Share. Richard Parker: What are you doing-What are you doing? I have another way. I'm dead. Charles: I know what. [Richard and Larry protests, yelling about whose fault it is]. Gwen and I, Thursday night, 8:00pm, dinner! Larry Wilson: You're gonna wanna borrow my apartment. Browse more character quotes from Weekend at Bernie's (1989), comes down the stairs, dragging Bernie's body by the leg, throws down Bernie's leg as he reaches the bottom of the staircase, sees Gwen's horrified expression, holds up Bernie's head, bangs Bernie's head against the stair support railing, covers her mouth quietly screaming in a high pitched squeal, Gwen, mouth still covered, begins looking wildly back and forth between Richard and Larry, slowly shaking her head and backing away, Paulie enters the beach house and shoots Bernie, Paulie, unconvinced, points his gun at Richard and Larry. All rights reserved. Gimme those papers. The bank exec checks the card out]. Larry Wilson: Wait! Ah! Larry Wilson: Look, Bernie isn't going anywhere! Larry Wilson: It's New York City. In some... goddamned hot police station answering questions we don't know the answers to. Richard Parker: [in the morgue, panicked] Lar. La... L... Richard Parker: I'm gonna have a heartattack now, I think I'm gonna sit down thanks... Claudia's Dad: [examining the unconscious Mobu after being struck by the flailing limbs of Bernie] She suffered a concussion. Larry Wilson: We're gonna be here our whole lives.

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