water potomania

Beer potomania is a syndrome of binge drinking, poor nutritional intake, and profound hyponatremia. Beer’s high ratio of water and low ratio of sodium is what causes problems. Situations where water intake > sodium intake (e.g. It is mainly explained by water intake that exceeds excretory ca-pacity [11]. Three facts contribute to beer potomania: Beer contains a lot of free water with very little salt […] Potomania is a specific hypo-osmolality syndrome related to massive consumption of beer, which is poor in solutes and electrolytes.With little food or other sources of electrolytes, consumption of large amounts of beer or other dilute alcoholic drinks leads to electrolyte disturbances, where the body does not have enough nutrients known as electrolytes, namely sodium, potassium, and magnesium. This can trigger someone who is high-risk for potomania, especially if their daily sodium intake is on the lower side. Beer potomania is a well-known cause of hyponatremia. Free water clearance is dependent on solute excre - tion and urinary diluting capacity [13]. Potomania induced by beer is sometimes referred to as beer drinker’s hyponatremia. What is beer potomania? 11 Unless the patient has an underlying metabolic or organic disorder, thyroid studies, liver panel, renal function studies, and cortisol, glucose, and catecholamine levels will more than likely be within normal limits. beer potomania, psychogenic polydipsia, tea-and-toast diets) (b) Chronicity & severity Severe, asymptomatic hyponatremia is the most worrisome (especially Na <110 mM) 3 Other abnormal lab results consistent with this diagnosis include hypokalemia (mean potassium, 3 mEq/L) and low blood urea nitrogen and urine sodium levels. The urine osmolality test will likely be less than 100 mOsm/kg consistent with water intoxication as seen with beer potomania. The osmolar load to the Etiology Hyponatremia is due to a large consumption of beer (which has a poor salt content) together with a minimal intake of ordinary food. Beer potomania is a potentially life-threatening condition in which drinking massive amounts of beer in combination with eating no or little food results in a drop in blood sodium levels and osmolality [1,2].. Osmolality refers to the concentration of osmotically active solutes, which contributes to the movement of water among the fluid compartments in the body. Beer potomania usually manifests as altered mental status, weakness, and gait disturbance with an average serum sodium concentration of 108 mEq/L.

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