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Threestein and Lois Price are kidnapped and taken to an unknown coastal location - where a bizarre village - The Community - becomes their prison. Kate Kestrel wins the world song contest and goes on to compete in the interstellar song contest. And just who is the mysterious ‘Z’? Professor Otto Maddox's new weapon is travelling via the Atlantic Ocean, and Zelda is poised and ready to take piracy to new extremes. Zelda enjoins the help of Cold Finger, an alien who uses water and ice as weapons. This experience made him the ideal choice to compose the music for Terrahawks, combining his knowledge of the structure of classical orchestral music with the latest synthesised music reproduction techniques. Each series consisted of a 5-CD set, with eight episodes across four CDs and a behind-the-scenes documentary on the fifth featuring interviews with the cast and crew. While traveling back in time to avoid Spacehawk, they pick up. Zelda has pulled off the ultimate heist, and now her victory seems inevitable. Zelda gives Sram another chance to defeat the Terrahawks by sending him to hijack the Overlander, an automated vehicle that delivers vital supplies to Hawknest. ), "Expect the Unexpected: Part 1", "Expect the Unexpected: Part 2", "Thunder-Roar" and "Close Call", "Space Samurai", "The Sporilla", "Happy Madeday" and "From Here to Infinity", "Thunder Path", "The Ugliest Monster of All", "Gunfight at Oaky's Corral" and "The Gun", "To Catch a Tiger", "Mind Monster", "Operation S.A.S." The Terrahawks pick up a capsule in space containing only a strange vapour. Gerry Anderson& Christopher Burr's Terrahawks, usually referred to simply as Terrahawks, is a 1980s British science fiction television series produced by Anderson Burr Pictures and created by the production team of Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr. Zelda sends a huge egg to the moon that hatches into a one-eyed monster. Inkstein' or 'Tom Katstein'. Why are they all now addressed by letters rather than their names? The series premiered on London Weekend Television but did also get broadcast on ITV Network and Granada Television. Scripts for this planned 4th series included one written by Gerry Anderson titled '101 seed' and one by Tony Barwick called 'Attempted MOIDer', the former seeing the light of day as an episode of the first series of the Big Finish Terrahawks audio revival in 2014. From left to right, Yung-Star, The Sporilla, Zelda, Sram and Cy-Star. Unfortunately, Tribune failed to produce the money needed and after two failed attempts by Gerry to get a Terrahawks spin-off into production, one focusing on Stew Dapples and another with just the Zeroids and Cubes, production on Terrahawks finally came to a close at the end of 1986. The series was made at Bray Studios in Berkshire. Outwardly the luxury home to billionaire ex-nightclub owner Dick Branston. A pernicious puppet – one half of a famous ventriloquist act – is on the loose, but even the Terrahawks can't keep a bad dummy down as Timmy the Toy Boy takes his final act to Hawknest! It was announced on 19 April 2014[4] that Terrahawks would be returning as a run of full-cast audio dramas featuring original cast members Denise Bryer, Jeremy Hitchen and Robbie Stevens. Films. it's function is to more closely examine the sites of alien activity than Spacehawk or Battlehawk can accomplish. These were often lead by Sergeant Major Zero, although assisting Hiro in space was Space Sergeant 101. Yuri seals Battlehawk inside Hawknest after Battletank picks up a bomb while investigating a ZEAF. A statue of Yung-star is found at a museum on Earth. But soon his encounter with galactic explorer Elias Crick proves that you should never meet your heroes. The Terrahawks team: Dr. Ninestein, Kate Kestrel, Hiro, Hawkeye and Mary Falconer. Due to the series not being an ITC Entertainment product, the series was not rerun after the 80s and today remains a rather obscure series in the Gerry Anderson oeuvre. But there's something fishy about this gang of slick would-be heroes – particularly the firm's backer. Count Anaconda's Magnificent Orbiting Circus. The wings are variable in orientation and act as an air brake for when the craft comes into land. After his victory against Cy Splitter, the comedy clone's arrogance could prove royally problematic for Earth's defenders. It was remarkably popular during its original run amongst children, the character of Zelda enduring the most in the minds of many due to her scary design. The Zeroids face termination when Ninestein and Hiro roll out their newest creation - the Cyberzoids. At present there are only 4 episodes of the show which haven't been released in HD; Go(l)d, Thunder Roar, Timewarp and Cold Finger. In 2020, the NASA Mars base was attacked and destroyed by a fleet of alien ships lead by an evil witch-like Android named Zelda from the planet Guk, who set up her base on the newly vacant Mars planet and promptly launched her attacks against the earth with her son Yung-Star and her sister Cy-Star at her side. Zelda conspires to help the Terrahawks enter the record books when a seed of destruction is sewn on Hiro's happy birthday. The Zeroids find an explosive meteorite, which the human Terrahawks mistake for gold and which Zero mistakes for the god that Ninestein worships; it kills one of Ninestein's clones when it explodes, forcing another to take his place. The new audio stories were produced by Anderson Entertainment in association with Big Finish Productions. The team also consists of a number of spherical robots known as Zeroids. Yung-Star devises a way to make the Cubes more powerful by combining them. Roll up, roll up for the most amazing show in the Universe. But will grim gameshow host, Nickel-plate Starsons’ personal history with Zelda influence the outcome of the game? Zelda dispatches Yung-star and a new monster, Lord Tempo, to find the location of Hawknest. Another mission - another clone. With both the androids and Terrahawks weary of the constant conflict and seemingly unending stalemate, a new approach is tabled. | Ten Top Pop | Play It Again, Sram | The Ultimate Menace | Midnight Blue | My Kingdom For A Zeaf | Zero's Finest Hour | Cold Finger | Unseen Menace | Space Giant | Cry UFO | The Midas Touch | Ma's MonstersSeason 3:Two For The Price Of One | First Strike | Terratomb | Space Cyclops | Doppelganger | Child's Play | Jolly Roger One | Space Samurai | Runaway | Timewarp | Operation Zero | The Sporilla | Gold, Soundtrack:Original Television Soundtrack, Terrahawks Audio Series Episodes:The Price is Right | Deadly Departed | A Clone of My Own | Clubbed to Death | Timesplit | No Laughing Matter | 101 Seed | Into the Breach | Sale of the Galaxy | The Trouble with Toy Boys | Return to Sender | Renta-Hawks | Chain of Command | Lights, Camera, Disaster | Count Anaconda's Magnificent Orbiting Circus | My Enemy's Enemy | No Second Chances | The Wrong Clone Number | Set Sail for Mis-Adventure | You Foe | Living Legend | The Prisoner of Zelda | Star Crossed | Enemies, Negotiation and Deceit, Vehicles:Terrahawk | Battlehawk | Hawkwing | Spacehawk, Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks (1983) - Opening Titles. Ninestein and Zelda both receive invitations to appear on a gruesome gameshow – The Sale of the Galaxy. However, it actually contains a gaseous monster that meddles with their minds. This was Gerry Anderson's first time producing a TV show from the ground up since 1958 with A.P. Without the lavish budgets of his earlier television series, it was apparent to Gerry Anderson from a very early stage of production that it would not be possible to record full orchestral scores for Terrahawks. Tounge in Cheek humour was often the mainstay, with head writer Tony Barwick in particular writing most of the series under pseudonyms that were puns of the name Einstein such as 'L. Despite being mechanical, each had their own personality such as 18, who spoke with a French accent and whose name was often mispronounced as "Dicks Hewett", 21 who spoke with a stutter and 55 who constantly rhymed when speaking. (The final episode to be broadcast in the United States, on 24 January 1985.). The remaining songs and first half of “Living in the 21st Century” are currently missing, presumed destroyed. But it becomes a race against time as Zelda and her family try to take advantage of the final clone, Threestein's, good nature. This is an episode guide for the Gerry Anderson television series Terrahawks, made for the British company LWT by Anderburr Pictures and first broadcast from 1983 to 1986 on ITV. However, the development of synthesised music had advanced considerably since the early days of the experimental ‘electromusic’ composed and recorded by Barry Gray for Supercar and Fireball XL5, and by 1983 it was possible to create electronic music that could at least approach the scale and majesty of a full orchestra, but at a fraction of the cost. Badwater County's Sheriff Cy Bull also featured in a few episodes along with Deputy Kilroy. https://hawknest.fandom.com/wiki/Terrahawks_Wiki?oldid=4488. Where are they? While pursuing a ZEAF, Hawkwing flies too high and is marooned in space. The series is notable for it's less dire tone of stories than many of Gerry's post Thunderbirds shows such as Captain Scarlet or UFO. Sixstein is drafted in to service for an escort mission. (Broadcast as the fourth episode – as originally intended – on 23 April 1985 in Japan; but as the 39th and final episode, on 26 July 1986, in the UK. A total of 39 episodes, listed here in their recommended broadcast order, were filmed in two production blocks at Bray Studios in Berkshire from January 1983 to August 1984, on a combined budget of £6.4 million. A pair of miners find and capture a Sporilla and take it back to Earth to sell to a shady. Ninestein enters an old-fashioned gun fight between one of Zelda's Cubes in the Arizona desert. Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Granada Television held back the series by two weeks and completed its run on 21 January 1984. Anderson's previous puppet-centric TV series included Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.Set in the year 2020, the series follows the adventures of the Terrahawks, a taskforce responsible for protecting Earth from invasion by a group of extraterrestrial androids and aliens led by Zelda. The series was picked up for US networking by Tribune Broadcasting in 1986, who enjoyed similar positive response and were interested in commissioning an additional 35 episodes. [1] Each film is approximately 86 minutes in length.[1]. Characters:Terrahawks: Doctor Ninestein | Mary Falconer | Kate Kestrel | Hawkeye | Hiro | Zeroids | Sergeant-Major Zero | Space Sergeant 101 | HUDSONAndroids: Zelda | Yung-Star | Cy-Star | It-StarOthers: MOID | Sheriff Cy Bull | Sram, TV Series Episodes:Season 1:Expect The Unexpected Part 1 | Expect The Unexpected Part 2 | Thunder Roar | Happy Madeday | The Ugliest Monster of All | Close Call | The Gun | Gunfight At Oaky's Corral | Thunder Path | From Here To Infinity | Mind Monster | A Christmas Miracle | To Catch A TigerSeason 2:Operation S.A.S.

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