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He just turned sideways and all hell broke loose. Sometimes, the story would get overwhelming but the light fluff between the characters would brighten things up a bit. Since the game is confusing by itself, they should’ve really just gone the Amagami route and feature three episodes per route. Basically, there are enough intriguing elements in play so far to convince me to watch more, and I've never minded Key's particular way of doing things. There's a mysterious girl who can control red ribbons who kills main character Kotaro in his dream (or is it an alternate world? Depending on the route, Koutarou is also doing a different thing. I mean, need I say more? This is the same OP as the VN, and it has a nice ring to it. I can’t say too much about the greater plot not having completed it. How talented is this woman?!! But this is an adaptation of a Key production, so all of the normal elements which would be expected from one of their visual novels are present: the main protagonist already has association with a variety of very, very moe girls, some of which are potential love interests but not explicitly so, and supernatural shenanigans are involved. She remains a mysterious entity from the first episode until the last time we see her. Watch planetarian instead. Glad I was of help. It's a match made in Halloween! The anime retains in my honest opinion half of the feeling that the VN provided. sounds like a gangsta. He directed Kiniro Mosaic, and he is a key animator before this. Already we strike aground on one of the major failings common to this type of show - an internal voice that doesn't sound true to any possible human being ever. This is apparently supposed to endear the audience to either him or his victims, but it really just emphasizes the artificial nature of every element of the story being constructed. Kotarou seems to be able to wander into this world, but is it all a dream? ©2020 All Rights Reserved. First of all I really liked that opening in the first episodes. It doesn’t feel like the anime you watched before. This has to be one of the biggest disappointments in the now almost 3 years that I’ve been watching anime. As an overproduced relic of a bygone era, Rewrite feels like it just exists to make you bored, confused, and sad. The anime had a lot of ED. Nope. ( Log Out /  *But the majority of this negative section has to go to the story of Rewrite. Not only was it the 3D CGI animation that I hate but the computer based physics behind them was so sloppy. The male and female uniforms look really great. This is review number three hundred and ninety six. or Air, which is relatively unheard of. Even Koutarou has a secret, and this leads to the club being torn apart. A score of five means that the anime is bad, but it has some good moments here and there. The characters are bad, the action is bad, the exposition is greatly mishandled and it doesn’t really capture the beauty of the game. I hope this is a rare occurrence, and I hope to gawd the second season isn’t like this. characters, environments, plot, etc... but for the popular opinion, this is only at the start, when the real problem enter in the play, the anime take a speed of explanation and change of scenes that can make you say: "What I am seeing?! The lacking of action was understandable and it was also Okay considering their age in season 1. In the VN a huge part of the game is laughing and enjoying the interactions of the whole cast as they do club activities. Did this anime break the thirty percent standard rule I have for VN anime? was already waiting for me. She also haunts him in real life, creeping invisibly into his bed at night to bite his arms. We have "twists" that are in no way surprising, and generally poorly executed. I am also someone who looks at the world with worried eyes. i hope others who read my insanely long reviews find it as useful as you did. After a fluff episode of debunking supernatural occurrences around them, the story got grim when the news reporter girl introduced in the first episode goes missing. The funny thing about Koutarou though is that he says “what is going on?” five times in the anime, as many as the sudden shift of status quo. It plays like a VN OP sequence, and it features all the characters in a flashy montage. It’s a unique experience, since you kinda understand where the anime went wrong. You can only be in awe at how erratic the anime behaves, and it only gets worse from here. Ill write it down and be sure to check it out when i can! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We have info dump after info dump of information that in the end, really amounted to nothing, and yet we still were left with a plethora of questions. Those who normally don't care for it, though, are unlikely to find much to change their minds here. In the VN the characters truly have a life of their own. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. In fact, even the animation turned sh*t towards the middle of the show. The comedy part was good! I have no clue, not a single idea what happened in that ending. Kotarou Tennouji lives in the beautiful, environmentally conscious town of Kazamatsuri, where reforestation has led to a proliferation of trees. The main premise covers the event of the common route leading to the Salvation arc, where every character does their own thing. It’s not even so hidden but this anime delivers a message to us the viewers about climate change and taking care of the environment. He doesn’t establish scenes properly, and he just lacked vision to direct anime. The sad thing is, so many incredible things have come from Key (the people who made the Rewrite VN.) The beautiful colors, the vibrant designs and the feel of the anime matches the game but quality declines sharply afterwards. Rewrite is probably going to get better now that it's gotten this first episode out of the way. But I found this seriously funny, as I’ve been neglecting Little Busters! This reviewer has watched up to and including episode five and has not seen the visual novel it is based upon. And since it’s only a 12-episode season there are a lot of missing information and lack of character development. Only in this case there's still not a good sense for what's going on even at the end of 45 minutes. I enjoyed the first 6 or 7 episodes of the show but after that, it turned into something that I didn't expect and it wasn't in a good way either. ― Kei Azumi's "alternate-world social reform fantasy" novel series Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Dōchū (Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- or literally, En Route on an Alternate World Guided by the Moon) is inspiring a television anime that will premiere next year on Tokyo MX, MBS, BS NTV, and other channels. Press Room The cute stuff about her and coffee is really just another way to enjoy her character. Izanagi made a good point though when he said the thirteen episode run is a mistake. How come I never noticed how chuunibyou-ish my avatar name sounds? I can’t be sure, but it’s just the girls looking all cute. He can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. Like holy mother of god they look like designer dresses.The more actiony scenes in the show seemed animated pretty well but that is all ruined once they throw the CG monsters on screen. They wanted a really unique game to signal what goes beyond moving forward for them. This feature works well with more complex stories containing large casts.

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