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Core/ Elective Course Name Lecture Tutorial Practical Credit Cutting edge data science challenges are pushing the boundaries of what can be learned from data, giving rise to an array of applications in arti cial intelligence, medicine, and social sciences. The do-mains which comprise modern data analysis (e.g., statistics, machine learning, algorithms) have matured somewhat separately with their own conventions for ways to write the same or similar concepts. Consistent, clear, and crisp mathematical notation is essential for intuitive learning. Mathematical Foundations of Data Science I 3 0 0 3 4 ICXXX Data Science 3 + Lab 2 0 2 3 5 IC260 Signals and Systems 2.5 0.5 0 3 6 HSXXX HSS Course 3 0 0 3 Total Credit 18 B.Tech (Data Science and Engineering) – 4th Sem. This book provides an introduction to the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of data science, including machine learning, high-dimensional geometry, and analysis of large networks. Request PDF | On May 18, 2020, Frank Emmert-Streib and others published Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Using R | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate I will put example papers on topics that we have learned so far. Mathematical Foundations Data Science: Jordan Boyd-Graber University of Maryland SLIDES ADAPTED FROM DAVE BLEI AND LAUREN HANNAH Data Science: Jordan Boyd-Graber j UMD Mathematical Foundations j 1 / 1. S.No. The algorithms, modeling techniques, and mathematics from these two elds will be introduced through a series of case studies that use real-world data. MCS 549 { Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Fall 2019 Class Presentations Lev Reyzin Part of your grade for this class is to present a paper on a mathematical data science topic. ECE 4813: Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Instructor Kiryung Lee Goal The purpose of this course is to introduce students to two fundamental pillars of data science: statistical inference and optimization. You are free to choose from among those or to suggest a di erent paper with su cient theoretical content to present, subject to my approval. Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Today’s data deluge is driving a transformation of the world-economy and even the modern way of life.

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