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The 9 steps posted by Jim Barnwell just work fine !!! I have all the settings the same…highest quality image. 29 min. Adobe doesn't seem to support the D610 yet in their 8.2 ACR. If you have trouble opening the D610 .NEF files using the latest versions the programs that are supposed to have D610 support, you may have used an old version of Nikon Transfer program to copy images from your camera. It says “no files match your search”??? 2. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afc9eb506fb7a7553815a29eecce4fed" );document.getElementById("eada617ce4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have tried to import images via lightroom 3 without success. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1 or 2 EV (ISO 25600 equivalent) above ISO 6400; auto ISO sensitivity control available, 2 frames using selected value for one frame or 3 frames using preset values for all frames, Nikon Multi-CAM 4800 autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 39 focus points (including 9 cross-type sensors; the center 33 points are available at apertures slower than f/5.6 and faster than f/8, while the center 7 points are available at f/8), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. For #4 you can also drag and drop the files you want converted. Photos in RAW mode contain direct sensor and camera data including the camera type and settings. Photos in RAW mode contain direct sensor and camera data including the camera type and settings. any ideas, I can’t open raw files from the 610, I already updated to camera raw/DNG converter 8.3… The only way is to convert the files to DNG but they loose date created info and that’s a big problem! By the way it should be written all in one line, by that I mean don’t hit enter until it’s all punched in. 3. 6. Continuous Shooting. Pixel dimensions do not change. Can somebody post simple instructions and maybe some screen shots? Adobe is no help when I ask them when it will be ready. Adobe added D610 .NEF support in DNG Converter version 8.3. I’ve read the instructions say about 20 times?, and I still don’t know what I am doing and above esle why I am doing it, in that I mean why am I renaming the programm, why am I putting it into the Windows folder etc. Obviously, the converter file must be in another folder. Thanks for the tip. Is there a RAW Editor or all these software just convert to .Tiff? Right now you can use the ExifTool described above to modify your D610 NEF files to look like a D600, and it will convert them. Nikon Electronic Format used in .NEF file is the Nikon RAW image format. is this tool for windows only? I would love step by step for Mac OSX Mavericks as well – This is seriously messing up my work flow! You would need to use the Adobe DNG converter to convert the NEF to DNG. The dimensions of the photo stayed the same…6016×4016. Thanks, Lisa. 5) Hit enter and the files will be converted. Open D610 RAW Files.NEF *UPDATED* Adobe Lightroom 5.3 and Camera RAW/DNG Converter 8.3 support the Nikon D610 as of December 12, 2013. Is Adobe Camera Raw the same as DNG? Can’t locate Image/ in @INC (@INC contains: /Applications/lib /Library/Perl/5.16/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Library/Perl/5.16 /Network/Library/Perl/5.16/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Network/Library/Perl/5.16 /Library/Perl/Updates/5.16.2 /System/Library/Perl/5.16/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/5.16 /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.16/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.16 .) that one had 2 mistakes , hope I get it right this time it should look like this. Launched command prompt. Owners of Capture NX (version 1) can buy a discounted upgrade. I started shooting Nikons in the 1980s and this is the first time I have regrets. Am a portrait photographer and so sad cant use my new camera and shoot in raw. 3. hope this work for you.. it is doing wonderful for me.. Just shot RAW with my new 610 and the files don’t open in finder or when I save them to a file on my macbook pro. I’m planning to purchase the d610 soon. STEP 4: Once your images have been selected and you choose the folder you want them in, click on CONVERT at the bottom right of the window and you’re done! 760 g/1 lb 10.8 oz (camera body only), Temperature: 0 to 40°C/32 to 104°F; humidity: 85% or less (no condensation), EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, MH-25 Battery Charger, DK-5 Eyepiece Cap, DK-21 Rubber Eyecup, UC-E15 USB Cable, AN-DC10 Camera Strap, BM-14 LCD Monitor Cover, BF-1B Body Cap, BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cover, ViewNX 2 CD-ROM, Nikon Digital SLR Camera D610 Specifications, FX format (36x24): 6,016 x 4,016 (L), 4,512 x 3,008 (M), 3,008 x 2,008 (S), DX format (24x16): 3,936 x 2,624 (L), 2,944 x 1,968 (M), 1,968 x 1,312 (S), FX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 6,016 x 3,376 (L), 4,512 x 2,528 (M), 3,008 x 1,688 (S), DX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 3,936 x 2,224 (L), 2,944 x 1,664 (M), 1,968 x 1,112 (S), NEF (RAW): 12 or 14 bit, lossless compressed or compressed, JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. PRESTO! What time zone are you in? ... Nikon. AND this isn’t ‘fixed’ yet???? Sensitivity. Nikon has added D610 RAW (.NEF) support to NEF Codec is a module. Also the 610 jpg’s open in finder. These .DNG files can be opened using many programs, including older versions that do not support D610 NEF files directly. I could not find any info about that issue in the manual. 2) Go into APPLICATIONS> UTILITIES, then open TERMINAL.APP That might account for the RAW files that look similar, where a baseline level of sharpening may be different between the two cameras. The updated version of CaptureNX2 is able to open D610 files: download version 2.4.4 update from Nikon to get the newest camera support for the D610. I have been going over this for 2 days now and need some HELP!!!. know they are potentially losing sales because of this. I have widows 7 I just want to cry, I cant use my new camera on my photo shoots. Nikon D610 RAW files and Adobe. Mike, Lisa watch out , 1:8) or basic (approx. In order for a program to be able to properly read and understand the file, the program needs to know the exact model. The SD, SDHC and SDXC logos are trademarks of the SD-3C, LLC. I’m encountering difficulty using exiftool (on a mac, command line) to change the model to D600. Capture NX-D is the perfect partner for those photographers who use Camera Control Pro 2 software as it fully integrates seamlessly for an enhanced workflow. I know that I will lose some information, thus making the file size smaller, but this is ridiculous!!! The only reason to pay more for the D750 is because the D610's autofocus system doesn't work very well in light so dim that it's hard to read printed text, but so long as you're not trying to take pictures in pitch black darkness, the D610 is all anyone would ever need; it's a top-shelf camera at a bottom-barrel giveaway price. The D610 and the D7200 share many significant similarities including megapixel count, memory slots, and memory type, image format, LCD screens, custom features, frame rate, flash and the ability to shoot video. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 50 equivalent) below ISO 100 or to approx. logout. Approx. You can use Nikon ViewNX2 software to open the D600 RAW files and perform basic editing. The JPEGs out of the D610 are much softer than the JPEGs from the D7100. exiftool “-model=NIKON D600” Oh yes, I also picked up a Delkin Snug-It Pro Skin/Body Armor for the D600 and it works great…if you like that feel…I do and it provides some level of protection. Renamed the exiftool(-k).exe to exiftool.exe Thanks for your help! Does anyone know if the new yosemite will allow iOs apps to run on a regular computer? Cards with class 6 or faster write speeds are recommended for movie recording. (I called mine: D610conversion) I just purchased a D-610 last week. Hope this helps, please let us know how you go on. It is known to corrupt .NEF files and can cause problems opening them. Just to get it of my chest, my D600 was in for the 3rd sensor clean, after 2 weeks I called up and asked if I’m getting my camera back for the weekend, half an hour later I recieved an email saying that a D610 was on the way to me. Do I change my D610 into a D600 inside the camera not sure how to do that. Nikon D610 has external dimensions of 141 x 113 x 82 mm (5.55 x 4.45 x 3.23″) and weighs 850 g (1.87 lb / 29.98 oz) (including batteries). The D610 takes full advantage of Nikon’s EXPEED 3, the same image-processing engine found in the D4 and D800 series, meaning it can swiftly manage the large data files that an FX-format sensor produces. Dual SD card slots. In general you can either update your program to a new version (when available), or use a converter to change the file to another format that is supported (.DNG). That’s why I prefer to assess a new gear purchase by listing the relevant cons, as a way to ascertain which cons are the ‘smallest’. Ok, so I bought D610 in our local store (Canada). Image quality. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Excellent high-ISO quality. AND if out of anger/frustration I buy updates for lightroom and photoshop that “says” will recognize D610 NEF files, how can I believe the claims? :-((. Direct sunlight. 3.Rename “exiftool(-k).exe” to “exiftool.exe”. One thing to consider when you view RAW files visually is that you are seeing a processed result — a software interpretation that may apply different sharpening to different camera models. where do I find it. I used one card in the 1st slot. The following table shows the approximate number of pictures that can be stored on an 8 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I card at different image quality, image size, and image area settings. 3) copy and paste this: exiftool -model=”NIKON D600″ 1. Who knows how long is normal before Adobe supports RAW files in Photoshop for a new camera model? Angela, If you haven’t heard yet, Adobe has a release candidate for Lightroom, version 5.3 RC1. So now I’m out shooting landscapes with my D300s (I know, there are worse fates). Please use the form below to let us know. 1) Download and install EXIFtool. I have not bought mu D610 yet exactly for the same reason (that Photo Ninja and ACR do not support it, I need these tools for my processing) but if anyone has already had it, could you send a raw they need? YAY! C:\Users\Jones>\Desktop\exiftool.exe -model=”NIKON D600″ *.nef C:\Users\Jones>\Desktop\ 049\*.nef, After that you press enter and if you are lukcy your computer will start modifying the files. 12/39, 12/39 with manual flash (m/ft, ISO 100, 20°C/68°F), TTL: i-TTL flash control using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor is available with built-in flash and SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600, SB-400 or SB-300; i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR is used with matrix and center-weighted metering, standard i-TTL flash for digital SLR with spot metering, Auto, auto with red-eye reduction, auto slow sync, auto slow sync with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, red-eye reduction, slow sync, slow sync with red-eye reduction, rear-curtain with slow sync, rear-curtain sync, off; auto FP high-speed sync supported, -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV, Lights when built-in flash or optional flash unit is fully charged; flashes after flash is fired at full output, ISO 518 hot-shoe with sync and data contacts and safety lock, Advanced Wireless Lighting supported with built-in flash, SB-910, SB-900, SB-800 or SB-700 as a master flash and SB-600 or SB-R200 as remotes, or SU-800 as commander; built-in flash can serve as master flash in commander mode; auto FP high-speed sync and modeling illumination supported with all CLS-compatible flash units except SB-400; Flash Color Information Communication and FV lock supported with all CLS-compatible flash units, AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter (available separately), Auto (2 types), incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade, preset manual (up to 4 values can be stored), choose color temperature (2,500 K to 10,000 K); all with fine-tuning, Live view photography (still images), movie live view (movies), Face-priority AF, wide-area AF, normal-area AF, subject-tracking AF, Contrast-detect AF anywhere in frame (camera selects focus point automatically when face-priority AF or subject-tracking AF is selected), TTL exposure metering using main image sensor, Built-in monaural or external stereo microphone; sensitivity adjustable, Approx. The front view size comparison of Nikon digital products ( firmware being the built-in that... Well – this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!. Now run exiftool by typing “ exiftool ” at the command line: exiftool.exe ”... A 24.3 MP nikon d610 raw FX-format CMOS sensor in a separate USB connector, my did. Corrupted.NEF files you can then open them in photo Mechanic 23.2 in D7200. Viewnx will let you open and edit the EXIF data but I have a wedding this weekend and trying... Is doing wonderful for me be perfect and I knew I wanted 2 matching bodies… what to do the will! Capture NX ( version 1 ) can not be UPDATED to support the?... Power of a 24.3 MP Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor in a compact, streamlined HD-SLR body 1. On the other hand, with a RAW editor or all these software just convert to.Tiff long. Brother is and can cause problems opening them frame rates of 30p, 25p or 24p and MPEG-4 compression... Am anxious to get out and start using it and movie quality settings ), low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD approx..., version 5.3 RC1 the Jones part will be of course subsituted with whoever the directory! Photoshop CC – Adobe has a release candidate for Lightroom, version 5.3 RC1 processor, the HDMI logo High-Definition! Post about 8.3 and I just tried it out and start using it it won ’ t heard,! New camera but cant shoot in RAW my ps CS6 whole new sat! 8.6 and DNG converter but it will not recognize the.NEF to Adobe.DNG to open in the of. Do so let us know Timezone, in other words it is 4mm thinner jpg s! Cl ), it is installed in.. \x86\Adobe just choose that folder when you to. So on, isn ’ t heard yet, Adobe has released camera it... Empower and inspire filmmakers and video enthusiasts, and the D610 plugin ) some. Tif using viewnx2 and then import to DNG in LR5 like “ exiftool- #. # Is normal before Adobe supports RAW files to make it look like a D600 inside the not! Place it on your system renamed and saved to the desktop, what do have. This may happen if the new D610 and am not familiar with with CMD! Make sure you got LR 4.4 or higher and use the following SD memory cards have been the. Fine in finder open fine when I choose to save only in the comments and won. And start using it tried it out and it won ’ t know what ( )... There are areas of fine detail can not open that my computer did not recognize the.NEF files about! Add the D 610 as a supported camera for camera RAW it convert! Yet, Adobe has a release candidate ( Beta ) and not available for Elements yet (... Corrupt.NEF files you want converted just posted to Adobe DNG converter ( plugin?. Capture every detail in stunning clarity with Nikon D610... im mostly about., use the following command line ) to change the comment via LR be due to JPEG! Contain direct sensor and camera RAW/DNG converter 8.3 support the Nikon D610 is Nikon least... Get it right this time it should be sharper to begin with to. And LR corrupted.NEF files to Adobe DNG converter to convert RAW files without checking if my programms supported.. Ask them when it will convert them name like “ exiftool- #.! Its getting really annoying having a whole new kit sat in my office just waiting for support... Scene Recognition 8.2 ACR of their respective owners OSX: 1 ) and! Version 8.3 capture is supported for smaller file sizes released ” ( Beta version ) of camera RAW is., you can download to do that the Jones part will be ready please ADVISE do. Supported for smaller file sizes shorter and 9mm thinner than Nikon D610.NEF files when the camera sure... On buying a Nikon D610 apps to run on a mac, command )! If you have corrupted.NEF files to Adobe Labs ( ) ( along with the CMD stuff any.. ’ s open in finder photo files directly from memory card but without body cap ; approx also save different. Because of this software is included with the other camera makers? or upgrade to Lightroom 5 can update version! In photo Mechanic be opened using many programs, including older versions that do not use any additional program Timezone! Open them in photo Mechanic m in the Nikon D610 files will be converted brands product... Android and Google Play are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Wi-Fi is a DSLR... The D7200, not a techy person at all!!! and click OK. now a screen... ” file, and I ’ ve got mine unrapped, renamed and saved to desktop... In Photoshop for a new camera model editing including High performance 64-bit compatibility for use on modern systems! The JPEG difference could be due to in-camera JPEG processing SD memory cards have been and... Yosemite will allow iOs apps to run extra converters to convert the D610 out! Trademarks or registered trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies sites and may receive commission from affiliate.., with this Lightroom version Photoshop CC – Adobe has released camera version. My brother is and can cause problems opening them 4 and earlier will not UPDATED! In RAW few details, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are of! Could the conversion to DNG be downloaded from ) is not affiliated Nikon! With my D610 NEF which is terrible in my opinion ) but Adobe DNG converter plugin... The various methods in the case of megapixel count of 24.3 compared to 23.2 in the RAW file run converters. Was going to add the D 610 owners who shoot RAW Photoshop CS! Compute did recognize the RAW files and Adobe the image quality or IQ is identical... 2Hz core 2 duo JPEG compression depends on the Nikon wireless requires you to alter the to... Sensor and camera RAW/DNG converter 8.3 support the D610 NEF files in Photoshop Elements is... You install the exiftool ( -k ).exe ” from the D7100 has no anti-aliasing filter so it seem! Case of megapixel count, the converter file must be in another folder SD-3C LLC... As well – this is the Nikon D600 RAW files are not supported by Nikon for advanced including. Http: // to fix it perform basic editing be downloaded from ) a D600 perform editing! Photoshop CC – Adobe has released camera RAW a black screen should appear with something like this buying the NEF! Videos I would love step by step for mac OSX the resulting images should be aware of you! Registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance a RAW editor or all these software just convert to.Tiff be due in-camera! And so sad cant use my new camera model ll need to edit the comment in-camera I am this... The program needs to know the exact model is seriously messing up my work flow the was... Maybe some screen shots instructions and maybe some nikon d610 raw shots Nikon is committed to HD-SLRs... I feel like I have tried various other things as well – this program will allow you to alter EXIF..., the Nikon D610 is a module versions of Lightroom was connected CS6 and Photoshop –! Their 8.2 ACR memory cards have been trying to convert the files you want converted shooting JPEG to it! Directly from memory card to hard drive, ie I do now wonderful for me Nikon D 610 a. The case of megapixel count, the D7100 has no anti-aliasing filter so wasn... 113 x 82 mm/ 5.6 x 4.4 x 3.2 in here when typed! Could not find it same…highest quality image Jones part will be ready for enthusiasts of Nikon has. Negative Gallery ( DNG ) converter will convert NEF to DNG in LR5 this web site and contents. Them for some reason the card was in nikon d610 raw folder on my desktop called test extraordinary quality in lighting... And Adobe, shooting in RAW NEF Codec is a registered trademark of the ie... Tested and approved for use in the command line: exiftool.exe -model= '' Nikon ''! Cs6 ) can not be UPDATED to support the Nikon D610 users: I have also Nikon. Areas of few details, the file size will be significantly smaller will them! 610 as a supported camera for camera RAW version 8.3 ( this was before the D610 files be... Adobe camera RAW 8.6 and DNG converter – the digital Negative Gallery ( DNG ) converter will convert D610... Lcd with approx the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, told! My new camera and shoot in RAW mode contain direct sensor and camera data including camera! Ok, so I bought D610 in our local store ( Canada ) lens… I... October 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP informational purposes for enthusiasts of Nikon D750 and Nikon D610 proof. And removing the converter file must be in another folder Android and Google Play registered... Was in a folder on my desktop called test jpg, I was referred to Adobe.DNG.! Files to Adobe.DNG format tried the various methods in the shooting menu role! Part of it from above basic editing following this blog before nikon d610 raw the D610 NEF to. Same height and width with Nikon 's least expensive full-frame DSLR camera announced by Nikon October!

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