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Murmurations exhibit strong spatial coherence and show extremely synchronized manoeuvres, which seem to occur spontaneously, or in response to an approaching threat, like hawks or peregrine falcons. of birds. This video is also on you tube: In following this role of seven, then, the birds are part of a dynamic system in which the parts combine to make a whole with emergent properties — and a murmuration results. A Murmuration of birds around the Union Station area in Kansas City. Flocking is the behavior exhibited when a group of birds, called a flock, are foraging or in flight.. Computer simulations and mathematical models which have been developed to emulate the flocking behaviors of birds can also generally be applied to the "flocking" behavior of other species. Starling murmurations are one of nature's great spectacles – and autumn is the time to witness the stunning aerial display in the skies above the UK.. A resident of Portland captured a stunning murmuration of birds swooping above an Oregon highway recently.Rebekah Baker Miller told Storyful she was driving from Baker City to Portland when she spotted the swarms near The Dalles.Miller told Storyful she saw some dark shapes in the sky, and thought that since it had been windy that day, it could be a tornado.“But as we got closer we saw … Why do they happen? And when (and where) is the best time to see the birds in full flight? But, what is a starling murmuration?

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