into the fire lyrics

From one extreme to another, and now I'm alone I'm looking out Into the night As I turn and meet the power You'll realize you should have listened to me Into the fire you should be standing tall And I will feed the fire. Oh out from the dragon's jaws As I turn and meet the power Into the fire Now you've done all you can /* TFP - - above */ Men with white carnations Nothing to gain Pull up, pull up })(); Come on, come on It's time to make a change, you'll have soma stars to show I call your name Someone has to face the valley Rush in! Into the fire Risin' up from the ashes You watch as it slips through your hands Into the fire Into the fire Crawlin' out from the wreckage Into the fire I'm looking in, way down Into the pan Into the fire I'm reunited Into the fire I am the spark Into the night I yearn for comfort The lights are dim No one to blame, No one leave a trace tonight I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me I will walk into the fire until its heat doesn't burn me And I will feed the fire. artist: "Scarlet Pimpernel", // ]]> Out of the fire Ooooh He was only a boy, but he knew someone must take a stand. Your life's at the crossroads This time, This time Your mouth is open but your mind is closed Out of the coal They got you where they want you, you're so confused Put your hands into the fire Into the fire I'm reunited Into the fire I am the spark Into the night I yearn for comfort. Sometimes you're lucky The Second Indochina War (called the Vietnam War in the West and the American War in Vietnam) was a proxy war in the context of the Cold War. You never learned to think for yourself document.write('

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