how did ed bradley die

Ed was a very private person and a lot of people - I guess you're finding that out today because a lot of us didn't know about the leukemia. Bradley joined “60 Minutes” in 1981 when Dan Rather left to replace Cronkite as anchor of “The CBS Evening News.”. That year, Walter Cronkite departed as anchor of the CBS Evening News and was replaced by 60 Minutes correspondent Dan Rather, leaving an opening on the program that was filled by Bradley. You didn't do that. “This has been a long battle which he fought silently and courageously,” said Charlayne Hunter-Gault of the “News Hour with Jim Lehrer,” who was one of several close friends at Mr. Bradley’s side when he died this morning. Some of his quirkier moments included playing blackjack with the blind Ray Charles, interviewing a Soviet general in a Russian sauna, and having a practical joke played on him by Muhammad Ali. When did Ed Bradley (broadcast journalist) die? BRADLEY: Yeah. Bradley's introduction to news reporting came at WDAS-FM during the riots in Philadelphia in the 1960s.

I don't remember him during Vietnam, but I do remember when he first went on 60 Minutes because in an African-American household, believe me, we were running to the TV set on Sunday nights. CONAN: Was that a good apprenticeship for journalism, do you think? He also anchored the CBS Sunday Night News from 1976 until 1981. You know, in the halls at 60 Minutes, Ed at age 65 was kind of a kid over there. His first marriage was with Diane Jefferson from 1964 to 1967. CONAN: We're speaking with Vicki Mabrey, ABC News Nightline correspondent about the late Ed Bradley. He had his left ear pierced in 1986 and says he was inspired to do it after receiving encouragement from Liza Minnelli following an interview with the actress.

Bradley worked for CBS for 35 years and was a reporter on the CBS newsmagazine, 60 Minutes, for 26 of those years. After Southeast Asia, Bradley returned to the United States and covered Jimmy Carter’s successful campaign for the White House. Bradley also maintained two homes in New York: one in East Hampton, and the other in New York City. Sinai Medical Center of complications from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, said Dr. Valentin Fuster, his cardiologist and the director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Mt.

He was over 6-feet tall, but he was just larger than life in person, on the screen. NEAL CONAN: Ed Bradley is a stalwart in the news business, correspondent as well as co-editor of CBS Television's 60 Minutes.

WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise: Mr. Bradley died at Mt.

I never had a course in journalism. Exposure to very high levels of radiation, Working with certain chemicals, such as benzene and, Human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV-1), which causes a rare type of chronic leukemia. And then, for me to actually meet him and work with him, he actually became a mentor, as well. In the early 1970s, Bradley had a brief romantic relationship with Jessica Savitch, who at that time was an administrative assistant for CBS News and later became an NBC News anchor. Well, certainly, ever since he joined 60 Minutes. I, you know, when I was young watching 60 Minutes and love all of the correspondents. He followed Carter to Washington, in 1976 becoming CBS’ first black White House correspondent — a prestigious position that Bradley didn’t enjoy. “He never forgot where he came from, and he always gave back generously, with his time, his money and his advice,” longtime Philadelphia friend Marie Brown said. The news division today is like any other division: It's expected to earn its way. Ed Bradley interviews an HIV patient in Zimbabwe, April 28, 2000. Ed Bradley Birthday and Date of Death. Ed just inspired that kind of confidence in people.

I was reading Bob Woodward's story today in The Washington Post about Deep Throat and found out that Woodward came out of the Navy as a second lieutenant and was thinking about going to law school, and instead started at The Washington Post, and they told him after two weeks, 'You can't do this.' When I went to Washington from after Vietnam in 1974, you know, there were 26 reporters and correspondents in Washington, and I was number 26. When he spoke with McVeigh in February 2000 at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind., the convicted bomber told Bradley that he was angry and bitter after fighting in the Gulf War. “If you want to follow in Ed Bradley’s footsteps, you can’t sit behind a desk looking good,” Hunter-Gault said. And some things were very small and you would think, 'Well, what's the harm in doing that?'

After that, he married Priscilla Coolidge from 1981 to 1984. What do you mean by that? Nearly 2,000 people filled the stately Riverside Church on the edge of the Hudson River to pay tribute to Bradley, who died November 9 at age 65. Lastly, in 2004 after being in a relationship for some time, he married Patricia Blanchet. I'd just say, 'Did you see my Lena Horne story?'". You've described him, you're not the only one, as a consummate journalist. He jumped from Washington to doing pieces for “CBS Reports,” traveling to Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. (Soundbite of archived clip of Ed Bradley interview). With his signature earring and beard, Bradley was “considered intelligent, smooth, cool, a great reporter, beloved and respected by all his colleagues here at CBS News,” Katie Couric said in a special report.

“He was, after all, the jazz master,” said former President Clinton, one of the many interview subjects whom Bradley disarmed with his manner. Copyright © 2006 NPR. CONAN: 'Cause it's real-world experience and you have to come back with a story and hand it to an editor, who is going to take a pencil out and make confetti out of it. Cronkite recalled first meeting Bradley in Vietnam: “He seemed to be fearless, an incredibly smart reporter in getting the story.”.

It was a public service, not something that he expected to make money on. But Mr. Bradley’s life off camera was often as rich and compelling as the one in the studio. New York, New York; Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. Among those attending were Bradley’s CBS News colleagues Mike Wallace, Andy Rooney, Lesley Stahl, Steve Kroft and retired anchors Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather; such other network journalists as NBC’s Brian Williams, Meredith Vieira and Steve Capus, and ABC’s Diane Sawyer; along with Bill Cosby, Paul Simon, the Rev. He was 65 and was suffering from leukemia. And I would say the same thing is true for a lot of print people. In 1972 he volunteered to be transferred to Saigon to cover the Vietnam War, as well as spending time in Phnom Penh covering the war in Cambodia. Wynton Marsalis, artistic director of Lincoln Center’s jazz department, called Bradley “one of our definitive cultural figures, a man of unsurpassed curiosity, intelligence, dignity and heart.”. Even many close colleagues had not known that his health had been deteriorating precipitously for several weeks.

Ms. MABREY: And Don Hewitt, yeah. And he went to a small weekly paper in Virginia and learned how to be a reporter.

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