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Reasonable price point for a hex bar that features zinc plating, which means the bar will keep its shiny new look for a long time. The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar is a standard-design hex bar that is built with strong, 1.5″ square tubing instead of the round tube steel found on most basic trap bars; exactly like the Vulcan Prime Hex Bar … Show … Rogue Fitness TB-1 Trap Bar 2.0. NOTE: Some standard barbell collars may not fit on this specialty bar. Pros It can accommodate one of the largest weight capacities of any hex bar … The Hex Trap Bar features dual handles that are raised 7.5-inches from the floor for a raised starting position when lifting. It's allows more people to experience the joy and benefits of heavy pulling without pain, and it deserve its time in the spotlight. Here's how and … We will be covering the best trap bars of 2019 that come in … For valuable purchase of a hex bar and exclusive supply of knowledge, utilize the best hex bars … And, the best trap bar that you can find for maximum conveniences when dead-lifting and also performing light skills exercise is the Hex Bar. A trap bar is also called a hex bar sometimes when people are in a witchy mood, and also because it is shaped like a hexagon. The trap bar (or hex bar) deadlift isn't a second-rate deadlift.

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