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Her alchemy proves instrumental in saving Cosmina's life, though it cannot save anyone who has already died. She is then killed by Kurome's corpse puppets. He wore a headdress similar to horns and the same uniform as his team-mates'. Her achievements speak to her combat skill, having retrieved five Imperial Arms from enemies in the past. Kurome kills him with Yatsufusa, transforming Run into one of her corpse puppets so that he would never leave her. She is almost always seen sucking on a lollipop.[vol. She was killed by Mine and her Teigu was retrieved by Night Raid. Stylish's experimental Danger Beasts to kill innocent people before the Jeagers managed to wipe out most of them. 3] During a mission to assassinate former general Najenda, she is convinced by the latter to join Night Raid and the cause against the Empire.[ch.

15] As the healer of the group, he uses the Teigu "Glorious Hands of God: Perfector" (神ノ御手 パーフェクター, Kami no Ote: Pāfekutā)[vol. He is loyal to the Empire as an ideal and desires to clean up the corruption within the Empire, but only after putting down the rebellion.
Due to his unremarkable presence in Night Raid operations, he is able to roam freely in the Capital with his cover identity as the owner of a book-lending shop.[ch.

15] Despite his cruel job and fearsome appearance, Bols has a gentle personality and is a family man.[ch.

The Emperor (皇帝, Kōtei) is a young boy who wishes to lead his people to a bright future.[ch., The name of this Teigu contains a possible reference to baseball as 快投 can be interpreted as "good. 5:rough sketches 1] who enjoys experimenting with humans, and is known for recruiting death row convicts as his guinea pigs.[ch. 4:postscript] Esdeath is the last of her people and twisted her father's ideals before enlisting the military and quickly rose to her current position.

1] Ridiculed and rejected for her half-foreign blood during her childhood, Mine hopes that when the Revolutionary Army wins, there will be more acceptance of different races.[ch.

He is intolerant of failure and threatens to disown any of them who failed in their missions. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Equipment and Skills 5 Trivia Daidara was a man of large muscular build with long, spiky blond hair and pure white, pupil-less eyes. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He wields the Teigu "Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir" (月光麗舞 シャムシール, Gekkō Reibu: Shamushīru), a saber that creates vacuum blades; its performance is dependent on the phases of the moon, with the peak of its power manifesting during a full moon. Her Teigu, "March of the Dead: Yatsufusa" (死者行軍 八房, Shisha Yakōgun: Yatsufusa), is a katana that turns her victims into mute zombies; she can control up to eight creatures, including Danger Beasts, who can also use the skills they acquired when they were alive.[ch.

His bond with Kurome as well his anger at atrocities caused by Wild Hunt cause him to act against them when Syura tries to violate Kurome.[ch.

While she is somewhat aloof and carefree when not on the job, she is also extremely objective and is often quite blunt when voicing her opinions, which upsets Mine.[ch. 46]. He came from the empire's incineration squad.[ch.

7] Originally a resident of a northern tribe of Danger Beast hunters,[vol.

22] His weapon is a Wolf Fang Mace that has blades that can protrude from its end.[vol.

7 before defecting to the Revolutionary Army. 18] Takahiro describes him as something of a rival character to Tatsumi because their Teigus are similar.[vol.

She acts like a big sister towards Tatsumi, whom she swindled at the start of the series,[ch. "[13] However, the introduction of the Jaegers led to a more positive response due to the characterization of the new antagonists with Wave's dynamic with Tatsumi being called out twice due to their several similarities in terms of personalities. [5] Growing up in the low districts of the Capital, Sheele first discovers her abilities as an assassin when she rescues her only friend by killing her abusive ex-boyfriend.

2, 3] While she originally used the Shingu "Kiriichimonji", a sword capable of inflicting wounds that never heal, Akame acquired Gozuki's Imperial Arm "One Slice Kill: Murasame" (一斬必殺 村雨, Ichizan Hissatsu: Murasame) whose poison blade instantly kills whoever it cuts.[ch. 5:postscript], The main characters are members of Night Raid, a team of assassins who help the Revolutionary Army's efforts to overthrow the corrupt prime minister and restore peace and order to the Empire.[vol.

4:postscript] of the Jaegers; he typically wears a gas mask and leather straps styled as if he were involved in torture play.

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Ranked no.5, Green is a bespectacled, rather reserved boy who actually had some feelings for Akame, which are never reciprocated.

Nine of these weapons are stored in Coro's body while the tenth, a self-destruct bomb, is planted in her skull.

These battle results in the deaths of Seryu and Susanoo. 24] Originally designed to be a bodyguard for VIPs, he is capable of cooking, housekeeping, and construction as well as fighting.[ch.

big Leaguer is a six-orb-type Teigu. His Shingu is the "Sidewinder", a whip that moves according to its user's will, but demands much concentration.

It was formerly owned by Champ and later used by the Revolutionary Army during the final battle. [volume & issue needed]. Esdeath later invented various ways to control her powers that include a Trump Card which allows her to momentarily freeze time.[ch. She has gray hair and wears an eyepatch. Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple (皇拳寺羅刹四鬼, Kōkenji Rasetsu Yonki) were four skilled soldiers in Honest's employ.

big Leaguer is a six-orb-type Teigu.

The Akame ga Kill! 76,77], The Three Beasts (三獣士, Sanjūshi) are elite Teigu users serving Esdeath, having assisted her during her campaign to end rebellion in the northern lands while burying a whole rebel village and its occupants in ice.

32] His wife and daughter are later raped and brutally murdered by Wild Hunt, under the guise of an "investigation".[ch. She was killed by Leone who crushes her with a boulder. 1-6", "Akame ga Kill!

He is ultimately defeated by Night Raid's combined efforts.[ch.

27] Esdeath used her abilities to conquer the Northern lands, encasing her enemies in ice, before being summoned back to the capital to deal with Night Raid as leader of the Jaegers after her Three Beasts fell against them. 15][vol. Originally a member of the Rakshasa Demons, Gozuki (ゴズキ, Gozuki) takes the seven most talented children amongst the many tested, Akame included, and trains them to be human weapons for the purpose of stamping out rebels acting against the Empire.

have been well received by anime and manga publications.

He wields the Teigu "Ace Solution: Die Leaguer" (快投乱麻 タイリーガー, Kaitō Ranma: Tairīgā), which takes the form of six floating orbs, each imbued with a different attribute when tossed (flame, lightning, ice, storm, rot, and explosive). Recruited along with her older sister Akame by the Empire, the two are separated into different assassination divisions. She also seems to enjoy fighting and killing her targets. While seeing herself as servant of justice, Seryu is insane and kills anybody she views as an enemy of the Empire.[ch. Her Shingu is the "Yocto-bottoms", that gives the user extra acceleration and leg strength, but the user must compensate possible side-effects from extensive use with special physical training. 47] His Teigu, "Thousand Mile Flight: Mastema" (万里飛翔 マスティマ, Banri Hishō: Masutima), is a pair of plates on his back that allow him to grow wings and attack using feathers as projectiles;[ch.

Once thrown, they will return to his hand. Bolic uses his position and drugs to discreetly control the Path's members, turning them into his playthings.

10,45] (オネスト, Onesuto Daijin) is a corrupt and tyrannical politician whose only agenda to maintain his position of power and comfort as seen with his constant eating habit.[ch. 13] When his battle with Bulat comes to a stalemate, he resorts to injecting himself with a deadly poison, and uses his secret Blade of Blood technique to have his blood pierce Bulat.[ch. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. As the sole survivor of the Imperial bloodline, the Emperor is the only person capable of operating the Imperial Arm known as "Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer" (帝都守護 シコウテイザー, Teito Shugo: Shikouteizā, "Primus Imperator" in the anime), which is a suit of armor tall as a mountain boasted to be the most powerful of the Teigu and can fire energy beams that can obliterate entire armies with a single volley.

Each orb is imbued with an element that activates once thrown. manga and anime series features an extensive cast of fictional characters. [ch. 14]. Zanku - Throat slashed by Akame with Murasame.

Her Shingu was the "Pulverization Ring", that bestows superhuman strength to its user, but can harm them if not used properly. Despite being an experienced assassin, she does not have regular duties at Night Raid as she tends to be air-headed and clumsy at cooking and cleaning.[ch. 4]. 12,13]. He originally came up with the idea of an "all-female band of assassins, and the protagonist is a boy who is captured by them and has to work for them." 8] She normally wielded a pair of tonfa guns, but also had her body modified with bionic weapon implants by Dr. When the Revolutionary Army begins their attack on the capital, having killed off a majority of the court when they planned to hand him over to the revolutionists, Honest convinces the Emperor to activate the Ultimate Imperial Arm Shikoutazer.
Kōsetsu is noted not to be a Teigu and Izou himself claims that he is not interested in Teigu. She joins the Jaegers, though she was usually loose cannon due to her ideals. [11][citation needed] The Four Rakshasa were sent to guard Bolic but after a battle with Night Raid, Suzuka was the only survivor.

Champ (チャンプ, Champu) is a member of Wild Hunt who appears as an overweight, sadistic, and pedophilic clown and serial killer. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Wave and enduring a scolding from his unimpressed father, Syura swears vengeance against Wave.

His faction is strong enough that Esdeath is hesitant to oppose it. He has a deep passion for his katana, "Kōsetsu" (江雪, Kōsetsu), and refers to killing his victims as "feeding" it.

Chaos Throw: Big Leaguer is a Teigu that takes the form of six floating orbs.

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