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Close all the Creative Cloud apps that are open and running. Start the Photoshop (or whatever the application). Same problem with me, even technical person from Adobe Support has worked remotely on my computer for two days, still not working. Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app on your computer. something went wrong initializing creative cloud libraries Tony_Smith_verical. Creative Cloud Libraries panel stopped working, Solution to the issue: Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel doesn't load in desktop products, Sync files in your Creative Cloud Files folder. My printer not showing in Adobe Reader: 3 solutions to fix this, Adobe Photoshop Could not print because of a program error [FIX], Adobe Audition does not support DirectSound input [EXPERT FIX]. On of the official recommendations to fix this error include relaunching Creative Cloud Library. All rights reserved.

With Photoshop or Illustrator running (If on a mac), go to your activity monitor and look for CCLibrary.

I'm getting the 'Something went wrong initializing the Creative Cloud Libraries' message.

I followed all the steps still facing the same error. Glad to hear you finally got it fixed Stephanie. I got the same error again when I click install.

Here is the sequence copied and pasted from the technician's email to me after I requested that it be supplied to me step by step: Here are the steps I have tried today on remote session mentioned below: And the related article is : https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/access-hidden-user-library-files.html, Nitika Bhowmick| Technical Support Consultant , Customer Care | Customer & Employee Experience | Adobe Systems. Thanks for your response.

Find a solution to the "Something went wrong initializing Creative Cloud Libraries" error, which may occur when attempting to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries in supported desktop applications and the panel doesn't load. In this article, we take a look at the best possible solutions to fix Adobe Creative Cloud something went wrong error in Windows computer. Something went wrong initializing creative cloud libraries — CC Libraries not working in any program. When I open Illustrator I can't create a new file, nor I can open any .ai files. It works fine when my laptop is connected to work network. Adobe had even gone into my computer themselves and didn't know what to do. I know you didn't want to contact support for assistance but that might also be good option at this point. Launch your Adobe Creative Cloud desktop again and sign in to your account. Installed, uninstalled, started, stopped, host file, proxy, firewall, executing the CCLibrary.exe (which does nothing), etc.

BTW, this is for the latest Illustrator version, freshly downloaded for the nth time, and I have a Mac Pro with the latest OS Catalina 10.15.7. I have tried everything that Adobe suggested.

Finally got my hands on a Mac to see where the CCLibrary app is located. it stinks but it's better than it not working i guess! You can learn more about using Creative Cleaner tool. However, sometimes while attempting to use the Creative Cloud Libraries in supported desktop applications, the panel doesn’t load and returns “something went wrong initializing creative cloud libraries” error. I'm not sure why this didn't come up before when I searched my computer.

The only thing I could find was "cclibrary.pimx" and I'm not sure how to run this. It might be worth trying the solutions here again if you haven't already.

I followed the steps in Solution to the issue: Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel doesn't load in desktop products and several other steps suggested in the forums for the error and the issue is not resolved yet. Nov 10, 2015. I've been having this problem for weeks.

Here is a log from my computer: https://wsi.li/hUD6t7xZq1gE/1117472. I have tried many times to kill the CCLibrary process. Find and update your Adobe apps, libraries, and more. i only really use for own personal enjoyment and during the current climate i decided to cancel ( or try to ) my subscription. However, do note that to run the Creative Cleaner tool you may need to uninstall the Adobe Creative Suite and reinstall it after the cleaning is over. Something went wrong initializing Creative Cloud L... /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/td-p/9329366, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329367#M79574, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329368#M79575, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329369#M79576, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329370#M79577, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329371#M79578, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329372#M79579, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329373#M79580, | Technical Support Consultant , Customer Care | Customer & Employee Experience | Adobe Systems, /t5/download-install/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-when-network-connection-changes/m-p/9329374#M79581. Sounds like you're having the same problem some us are here: Creative Cloud Libraries Stopped Working.

Sign out of Photoshop (or whatever the application). /t5/creative-cloud-services/something-went-wrong-initializing-creative-cloud-libraries-cc-libraries-not-working-in-any-program/m-p/11477626#M16881. I have Creative Cloud Trial on Windows 64 bit Enterprise edition. I've had two remote sessions with Adobe tech support and the both have followed the same sequence of steps. I updated CC and everything when to pot. For example.

Copied . Copy link to clipboard. Thanks. I know engineering has been updating the document with some last solutions related to using a proxy:Click here to refresh this page. Hi, my adobe cloud subscription automatically renewed which i wasn't really aware off and the price has shot up to £49.95 per month. as it seems if I renew or upgrade this happens where I lose all my presets and library? The error doesn't occur when I'm connected via the work network. Please log in again. I have tried everything mentioned in this thread and when I try to manually install the libraries I am getting this error: I am not the most tech savvy person, and I feel there are too many files and such relating to CC on my mac. That link is just bringing me back to this thread? When i got through to the review section adobe offered me 2 months free subscription, saving me close to £100. 6.Then Launch any Individual app and sign in. I allowed remote access and the problem was semi fixed, and I have the libraries error. 4. Mac - El Capitan PS CC. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting.

When I opened my Activity Monitor, "CC Library" wasn't there.

Just curious, if you restart, do you have to go through that solution again? You might try rebooting the computer or running the installer from a newly created admin user. This should be a permanent fixCreative Cloud Libraries panel stopped working. I have tried to change the host file, clean the cache and all the other options listed here with no luck, a bit frustrating and I have already spent quite some time trying to fix this... proof of it is that I am writing a post here, meaning, I looked around the web, trying different "solutions" but none has proven effective.

As soon I get connected to my network at home, the error occurs. This started last week for me. I can't use Adobe Illustrator.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Close the Settings window and check for any improvements. I get the same error listed here. I got to make it work by following the below steps. Note: This is not a solution. 5, The libraries panel now ask me to sign in. Click the X to stop the the service, it will automatically restart and your library …

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